here's the situation, i've been to every nation

I should probably post stuff more often here :--D but lately all kinds of stuff's been happening and I just haven't really felt like writing about it. I sometimes feel like I am sleeping and my life passes by my eyes, like I may catch myself wandering around my school's hallways without looking anywhere and just... walking. But it's kinda cool in some way :D sleepwalking. Nice.

Anyway, yeah, SCHOOL's my main problem right now. Or not school, but my motivation, which... well, I have _none_ of. I don't know what happened!! When I started high school I was superexcited, I met some really awesome people and laughed all day everyday. In Autumn I felt like I was 100% accepted and liked and it felt really good. Now, I don't think I'm not liked or unwanted on whatever, but I'm most definitely not as excited about school anymore as I once was. :p plus I quit football. I feel kinda sad 'cause I would've wanted to continue, but the game season starts pretty soon and I am definitely not ready, I don't master the moves and basically I suck so bad that the thought of going into rehersals gave me more anxiety than anything else... Although I liked the fact that it gave me more muscle & stamina and stuff, well, I don't think it's the best way to motivate myself to continue a sport...

Plus it definitely felt weird that everyone else was around 20 and up. Not the age difference, that's ok, but the fact that they were all... Finnish. I know it sounds weird, but lately I've really, and I mean really been noticing how I don't belong here, this culture is so far away from my lifestyle, the values and thoughts are something I cannot understand and the amount of alcohol people need to reach a level of accepting themselves is... fine for them, but not for me. I just don't feel at home here. I am definitely more Italian than Finnish and I hate it when something happens or I get into an argument to listen those never-ending accusations. "How can you be so mad? Chill!" "Honestly, you need to calm down, nothing's happened." "Dude chill, don't be so mad!" GAHAAHHHH just because I react to things with emotions doesn't mean I'm mad!! THAT's the easiest way of making me mad. I read somewhere that a bit like transgendered people, bilingual kids end up "choosing" which language and culture they feel is their "one and actual" way of life. And I've felt for a long long time now that this is not my home and one and actual way of living... well, I just have to be here for 5½ months, then I'm off to Mexico and in two years when I finish high school I'm off to explore the world. I need new languages, cultures, people, everything. My worst fear is being stuck here for the rest of my life.

:) oh well. It happens. Anyway, I realized I never made a post about Hong Kong!!! So here goes, I hope you like travel photos as much as I do...

the skyscrapers reached... well, the sky!!
The view at Victoria Peak was amazing... reminded me of Marseille (= ♥♥)
LOOK at the city view!!!!
there's the essence of bad and good.. and vice versa :)
we went to see a huge Buddha...
...with these!!
that's me (hahaha the climate ruined my hair :D:d)
me & my sister Sofia
I dipped my toes into the Pacific Ocean ♥ felt incredible

Hong Kong was absolutely AMAZING, and it was a great last trip before México, since I doubt I'll go anywhere before I leave in August... after all, summer's my last chance to be with my friends & family :) can't believe it though - summer '09 India, summer '10 Interrail, autumn '10 Rome, spring '11 Hong Kong & '11-'12 México :) gotta love it.