I mentioned I'm trying to grow my sidecut, right? Well, my friends gave me the best idea ever - if I just toss my hair to the other side of my head and cut my bangs a bit differently, ta-dah, it becomes invisible !!! (or it shows a little bit and of course it seems like I have a lot less hair on the other side but whatever, almost :D) I'm just so happy that I look.. more normal now, it makes me so much less afraid of not fitting in when I finally get to México. This doesn't change who I am, so frankly I'm happy to do anything that makes me more comftrable and relaxed and focused on other things. :)

7 weeks & 1 day. I don't believe that 7 weeks ago it was May, and suddenly that's all the time I have left ! I just gotta try to make this the best summer ever, so I can leave with a whole bunch of memories and happiness ! :) México, you better be ready 'cause here I come !!!!


decisions, decisions

ksdjsfhhashkjgh 9 WEEKS LEFT. So, I had to make a few decisions.

1) My labret fell of in Belgium, and first I was pretty bummed out since I knew I couldn't find a new one before the trip ended, but eventually I started thinking that I honestly look a lot better without it :D and I guess it was just something I needed at the time I took it, now it just didn't felt like a part of me anymore, so actually I was pretty relieved.

2) I stopped shortening my sidecut and I'm gonna let it grow. The odds are that it won't grow back much during summertime (even though the sun and vitamin D are supposed to encrease hair growth), but if the hair on my head is just short, rather than really really short, I think it'll... well... help me blend in more. So we'll see what it looks like at the end of the summer. This is one decision I wish I would've made a lot earlier.

I kinda doubt it will grow back that much.......

So I made these decisions concerning my looks just so it would be easier to fit in. Growing up here I'm used to having more freedom to do stuff, change my looks, wear any type of clothes etc., but I know México is a more conservative country, and I'm a bit afraid that if I end up in an area in a small town or somewhere where people just aren't used to people who look like me, well... I just feel more comftrable going there and looking more natural. I'm not saying that I couldn't fit in as I am, but since I don't know that much about Mexican attitudes or culture ways, I think just looking more natural and "normal" makes me more confident about myself. I don't really mind, I already gave up vegetarianism for this, and after that, no sacrifice feels too much for me.

I just want this year to go as good and easy as possible. So I'm willing to do whatever it takes now so I'll be good and prepared. :) what are you guys up to?

Minea xx