...that maybe time will never stop, that we could just stay in some moments forever.

 ...that we could just let things be and learn and love and not having to worry about anything (well the best part is when you learn to not worry by yourself)

...that life could be just as I want it to be, where I want it to be and who I want it to be with

...that this unforgettable time will never fade away and I will never forget the people I was turned into.

 Everyday I wish I could stay longer, and everyday I remember that everything happens for a reason...

And that I can make my own desicions and come back whenever I want and live as I want.

I don't want to lose everything I've gained and learned. It's way too important to me.

These moments, these people, these feelings are all I've ever wanted.

These aren't my last words, although time is running out. The best part of everything I've been through is knowing that the only person who got me through this was ME. I 've been through fights, namecalling, not fitting in, crying, feeling hopeless, and desperate, trying to make things work and want to give up when they don't... but all this brought me to be strong, optimistic, to throw the stress away somewhere outside of my head, to not worry about things before they happen, and learn - if I can solve it, why worry?, and if I can't, why bother feeling sad?

Minea in México is the first time I stopped being AFRAID of doing stuff. I was afraid of having problems with people and getting into fights and them not liking me. But now, what does it matter? I know who I am and I know where I've been, you know, and I think that's all that matters in this moment.

I know what I want to do in one year. Where I wanna be. And the only person who can make this possible is me. Thank you México for showing it to me : )

Minea xox 
estar contigo es como tocar el cielo con las manos,
como sólo un primer día en verano, como en un cuento...
yo siento que tu compañía es el mejor regalo que me dio la vida,
la fuerza que me empuja a seguir adelante...
de todo lo que tengo es lo más importante
estar contigo es como un sueño de que no quiero despertar
si abro los ojos y no estás
vivir contigo es mi deseo, es todo lo que quiero hacer
porque a tu lado puedo ser sólo yo misma...