in all of time

I know these memes are supposed to be daily, but after today I reeeeeally feel like writing this right now, so here goes !

Day 1: Introduce yourself
Well, that's easy.. uhm, my name is Minea, I am 16, I study in high school and I play american football weekly. But that's not quite enough, is it? As a person I am optimistic and carefree andand I'm having problems summing myself up to a few words :D I guess there's really no point of starting to explain my whole personality right here, so I guess I'll just say that find out if interested !
Day 02 - Your first love
See that's the thing, I don't think I've never been in love, or actually I don't want to consider anything from my past to be even close to "love". So the touching, heart-stealing, stomache-aching love is still yet to come. But it's OK, there's no rush.
Day 03 - Your parents
My mom is Finnish and my dad is Italian, and they both have a hard time understanding what it means to let a child grow up. I am the youngest so I guess they always see me as their littlest girl. In one hand, it's good - I can do basically anything I want, but I've gotta pay the price of being sometimes treated like a little baby of 5 and not a premature almost-adult-whatever kind of girl.
Day 04 – What you ate today
Bread. For breakfast and supper. Hmm, didn't even realize.
Day 05 – Your definition of love
:D uhm I don't think a feeling that strong can be defined in any specific way. "You don't spell it, you feel it", I guess.
Day 06 – Your dreams
Mexico. That's all I want.
Day 07 – Your best friend
See that's the thing, I don't have a best friend! There are people I love spending time with and party with them and talk with them and giggle with them, but not many people come closer. I have people I've known for a long time and they know me in more ways, but since I'm still learning who I am, letting other people inside my life in the most intimate of ways is harder. So I guess "my best friend" is a flexible concept for me.
Day 08 – A moment
Day 09 – Your beliefs
Hmm. I like to believe in the goodness of people.
Day 10 – Your siblings

Day 11 – What you wore today

Day 12 – What’s in your bag
Everything incredibly random, lip balm that I've worn out, pens that won't work, notes we've passed during classes, junk from my pencil sharpener, books, notebooks, gum... I wouldn't be surprised to find a used toothbrush or something from there one day...
Day 13 – This week
Day 14 – Somewhere you’ve always wanted to go
barcelona, spain



Day 15 – Your day
Day 16 – Your favourite movies

Day 17 – Your favorite memory
Ohhh but there are so many of them !
Day 18 – Your favorite birthday
Haha, I've loved absolutely all of them.
Day 20 – This monthDay 21 – Another momentDay 24 – Something that makes you cryThis one's too hard to explain. India 2009, my first... whatever it was and... oh gosh.

Day 25 – A first
first time on a cruise with no parents !

Day 26 - Your fears

Day 27 – Your favorite place
rome = home
Day 28 – Something that you miss
Day 29 – Your aspirations
Mexico. That's all I need.
Day 30 – One last moment

light up, light up
as if you have a choice

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you're on the road, but you've got no destination

I've been dreaming of bodymods and changing my looks for ages. I've dreamt of red hair eversince I was... oh my gosh, I don't know, 12, and on top of that I've always wanted piercings, tattoos, new clothes, new hairstyles, new everything... I hate being stuck to one singe look for ages. When I was about 13, I never bought new clothes because I was sure that spending money on clothes, make up and stuff was the stupidest thing ever and I was "above" all that. So as far as my pre-teen years went, I pretty much looked the same - shortish brown hair, no make up, same old clothes. I was ashamed of my body and tried to hide it into boy hoodies and big pants, but I was always a bit jealous for the girls who had long hair, cute clothes, beuty and most of all, the confidence to pull their looks off, no matter what anyone else said. So, as I got my life and myself a bit more sorted out, in around the age 14-15 I started to make myself look more like who I felt I was inside. And now that I know that in 6 months I'll be gone for a whole year, I have so much more courage to do all the stuff I've been to afraid to do beofre.

First thing I did: sidecut. Seeing people with a sidecut on one side and long whisps on the other made me feel really envious and jealous - god how I craaaaved for one!! So last January I made one dream true (it wasn't so hard after all - the only one who made a big fuss about it was _myself) - and cut it. I remember, I was listening to music, it was around midnight in a Tuesday night and it just hit me. Now's the time. So, I went to the bathroom, cut my hair short on the right side of my head and made it shorter with my Dad's hair machine.. thing. I was so nervous I couldn't sleep for the rest of the night :D when I got to school I felt amazing, my friends were supersupportive and I felt really special. I'd done it, I'd beaten my old fears, the old version of me, and here I was, proud and happy and confident me.

That was one thing now - but it wasn't enough. A few days later I left for our school's cruise (best time ever, I swear) and I got talking to one girl about piercings, and she said she could do one for me. Oh man, I don't need to mention the fuss that went on the school that she did a labret for me - in the bathroom. Cliché, I know, but dude it didn't even get infected!! I am the luckiest of all lucky girls, the chances of a home-made piercing not getting infected is about one over ten gazillion millions (or that's what they told me..) But oh, whatever! I love it, although I've already lost two of them, but oh well. It's a small price I gotta pay for looking this good, ahahaa!

I changed my style too, but oh well, explaining that would be way too complicated! The next thing I'm planning is getting a tattoo. I'm thinking that getting a cheap tattoo (cheap tattoos?) in Mexico wouldn't be a bad thing at all... I'd also like to dye my hair read (I've been dreaming about it eversince I was friggin 12 years old man!). I mean, just look at readheads. LOOK at them.

I can't explain why I have a thing for redheads (my dad always says I got it from him but........). I guess it's just one of those things you can't really explain. But there's no hurry. I'll get there. Right now I'm too in love with my natural hair which gets blonder, darker, curlier, straighter and everything inbetween whenever it wants, so... we'll see! After all, what's the rush?

Eversince... I don't even know how long, I've been longing for these tattoos, or something like them (not in the same spots, and I have a few that I can't really find good pictures of, but I hope you get the idea!). Just waiting for Mexico to come and life to begin with ink on my skin... Hrr, even the idea gives me the thrilling chills!

we are all like astronauts discovering infinity

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it's a beautiful day
sky falls, you feel like
it's a beautiful day
don't let it get away

(U2: Beautiful Day)



this Sunday night do it all again

Phew what a weekend! It's 7:45 AM and I am awake without no good reason, I just woke up at 6 after 5 hrs of sleep and couldn't fall back anymore. But anyways!!

Friday was awesome, there was an event in my high school for the 2nd year students that become the oldest of the school since the 3rd year kids get to finish school and focus only on studying for the final exam. I loved the dances, I had this really idiotic expression on my face the whole time, they made me smile like hell without even a good reason :D school finished early but after a few hours I left back to the school for the evening event of the dances, for family&friends this time. It was really cool, basically all we did was making sure there was enough coffee and things to eat and greet the parents (which, of course, ended up as my responsalibity :D). We just chilled and hung out and I got to watch the second part with my friend's girlfriend, and I hadn't really had a chance to get to know her that well before last Friday, so it was awesomee ! Too bad I didn't have enough time to go to the AFTER PARTY because...

...early on Saturday morning (and I do mean _EARLY) I had to leave to Forssa which is about 100km from Helsinki to a FOOTBALL CAMP, first I was really afraid and anxious since my skills are still on such an early stage but it ended up being really awesome. My muscles ache, I have bruises on my body, my head still has a "ghost helmet" but I feel great. My stamina's better, I learn all the time, I memorise the game plans and blocks and actually SUCCEED, and it feels sooooo good. For the first time ever I am actually GOOD in a sport. ME, the slowest runner and clumsiest non-technical girl. What's happened dude?! I'm loving iiiit !

I came home Sunday, showered, relaxed a bit and left to a party which I really needed _so_bad_ after the camp and all... and we drank and relaxed and danced and talked and ahahahgagaga it felt so good. I was afraid I'd feel like a loner or something but I didn't, so... yay! I saw many of my friends & got closer with some people I'd barely even spoken to before. I really needed it. (Oh, and we don't normally party on Sundays, it's just for the vacation week :D)

I'd better try to sleep some more, but first I gotta share this video I found, it made me laugh like hell right now... I hope you enjoy !

watch it here (i still don't know how to use Blogger)


meet me halfway

can you meet me halfway?
right at the borderline
is where i'm gonna wait for you

i'll be looking out
night and day
took my heart to the limit
and this is where i'll stay

i can't go any further than this
i want you so bad, it's my only wish