no me arrepiento de nada que hice ayer

yo no puedo prometer un "por siempre",
ni siquiera sé si puedo un "hoy" ..
todo lo que diga esta noche olvídalo

soñaré contigo si puedo dormir
las noches son largas desde aquel día
en el que te conocí..

I think I've been writing too little about why I ever choce México as my host country and what makes me fall more and more in love with it, every step that I go. So, I'm gonna tell you about some of the great things I'm experiencing!! I want to share a piece of this amazing culture that's stealing my heart, step by step..

I'm gonna be boring though and start with food!!!!



The last one is something that's authentically from Oaxaca, the state I'm living in. But they make it especially here at the coast. Basically, it's a special kind of tortilla, I'm not sure what it's made of (corn I guess), and they put on top of it a liquid made of black beans, salad, meat and cheese. Then they put it on the grill and either leave it open like that or turn it, so that it closes. It's so delicious, when I was living in the restaurant I was basically eating this everyday. Everything is so fresh and well prepared that.. well, it's irresistible, let me say that !

Basically, here the basic ingredients are repeated with every food; beans (usually, they put them in a pot and make them liquid), tortilla (you put the actual food inside it), avocado (one of the most expensive things in Finland....), cheese.. and one thing that I really like is that nobody uses a knife&fork!! This I found really weird the first times I was working as a waitress with my (ex)parents. Tlayudas, tacos, everything is eaten by hand, but also food like meat, fish, salad.. you grab it with your hand and put it inside the tortilla and eat it happily. I never would've known how to eat a piece of meat without a fork&knife if I would've come here :p but I prefer eating by hand, it might sound gross, but seriously everything tastes better that way!!!!!!

The weirdest things I've eaten without even noticing..

tacos de cabeza (=tacos made of PIG/COW HEAD)

mondongo (=soup made of SHEEP STOMACH)

chicharròn (=deep-fried PORK SKIN)
Yeah.. luckily everybody told me AFTER EATING what I was actually eating :D but hey, I survived, and they turned out to be pretty tasty, when they are well prepared. Chicharrón is pretty good with spicy salsa of tomatoes, or as potato chips :p, &ok well I'm still not used to the texture of the stomach but the tacos are pretty good!! Geesh.. and to think a year ago I was crying about having to eat turkey, as I was a vegetarian. How things can change, right?.. hehe..

So yeah, the food is pretty good. And everywhere I've been I've eaten so tasty, to me the worst nightmare will probably be having to return to my high school in Finland, the food is so terrible :( but anyways I do't know what's happening.. I eat really good, I mean really good, but I've been losing a ton of weight. Soon I'll have been here 6 months and I've lost.. geesh, I thik 8-9kg? With that food?? Dafuq is wrong with my body?????

But yeah. I've also gotten to see some pretty awesome cities..

valle de bravo

puerto escondido

..everytime I leave my city, I see more and more of the amazing beauties México has. It's something I seriously can't even describe, you should come and see it yourself, you just can't believe the stuff you see.. I've learned so many things in these 6 months, everything from washing my clothes&the dishes by hand, how to cook, how to clean, simple stuff like that. (Since I am a woman, my hostmom says I have to learn this stuff, so that I will make my future husband happy one day. Not commenting anything..) But it goes beyond that - after the first months that were so hard, seriously, so freaking hard even I have no idea, I learned how to snap myself out of it. I don't stress about meaningless stuff anymore - what's the worst that could happen?

I mean, so what if I don't know at what time the people show up at school (I don't enter 7am anymore THANK GOD)? It's one morning of my life. Or so what if a person who said will call never does? It's one phone call, people have other stuff to do too. I see no point in stressing out of stuff, stuff that's so little and meaningless. I live in a country I'm still only getting to know with people who don't know anything about my past, so it's a hell of an opportunity to learn more about myself! or not just that, actually to decide what I want to be like. And learning that if I sacrifice for example some part of my behaviour, I'm not sacrificing myself. I'm still the same person I was as a vegetarian, though now I like the taste of meat. I've changed, but only for the absolute better. That's why I say I don't regret at all leaving, so far it's been the best desicion of my life (it's the only thing that's let me free of many stupid things in my past).
This picture is kind of an inside joke.. but you get the point:)
All this is also thanks to all the amazing people I've met, everyone from my new sisters..

...or brothers..

...or anybody I've ever met on my journey. It's been one hell of a ride and I still feel like I'm only just beginning.
So there you go. I'll try to be more active with my riding. But to anybody who's reading this with doubts of doing this, I say: DO IT. You won't regret it. Or have you ever heard anybody call their exchange year a mistake?
Minea xoxx
no me arrepiento de nada que hice ayer
me arrepiento lo que pude haber hecho,
haber dicho y ya no podría hacerlo jamás


see the difference?

I thought it might be fun to post some pictures to show the change of 5 months in México.

summer 2011

spring 2011

autumn 2010

five minutes ago

Can you see the difference?

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