* Mexicans eat a lot. I didn't expect I'd be wrong but I was :D the thing is, the food may be greasy, but it's also filled of all the important nutriants, and the portion sizes aren't that big. I only eat three times a day but it's enough, I don't feel hungry at all. I eat breakfast at the school (which is kind of like a mini-lunch.. no cereal or bread, more like two tacos or a sandwich), lunch at home and dinner at my parent's restaurant.

* If I go on exchange, I will gain weight. Not this makes me happy - I've lost 5 kg so far :)))

* Mi casa es tu casa. This, actually, atleast in Juchitàn, is only true for family members. For example my friends aren't allowed at my house (just in the area of the restaurant), but for a relative the doors are always opened. When I was in Veracruz I lived in my brother's wife's mother's house, so a relative that's here a close one, and in Finland a very far one :D..

* There's a lot of partying everywhere all the time. Partially true - there are people who are always out and about, but my friends and classmates are all pretty "good people" (you know what I mean), with no alcohol or drugs, which I like. Getting drunk here while being out with friends would be a huge huge risk, I'm happy like this.

* It's hot. This is true in the afternoons. Mornings and evenings are pretty cold (and DARK)

These are just some things that came to my head. I thought It'd be better to write about stuff like this - right now my life here is a bit disordenated, but I'll get everything straightened out no worries, and then I'll tell more about what's going on here, pretty much in the other side of the world to me..




mexicans do know how to have a good party...

1) NOCHE DE VIEJOS (=oldie's night) @ Juchitán last Saturday!
2) my friend's sweet 16 at a restaurant last Monday, feel the loooove
3) my host nephew (I know :D..) turned 2 in Veracruz :)!

quisiera estar siempre a tu lado
huir de todo mál
de tu cuerpo un esclavo
y creo que te he demostrado que

estoy enamorado
te lo quiero confesar
totalmente emocionado
me la paso pensante
nunca voy a soltarte..


MOTHERLdsaldjsa there's a problem with my camera = no photos... so you'll have to settle with this!

I got some ""complaints"" about how I'm not specific enough when I write, so here goes a super organized post about a regular day in Mexico. (You better enjoy this:D ajaja)

At 5.50 I wake up, take a shower (not optional), dress up (not much choice there... my school uniform:D), at 6:30 the bus comes (it's Mexico... you never really know) and I meet a few classmates. But since it's 6:30 in the morning (do you have any idea how early that is?????) mostly we just nap in the bus or listen to music like in a regular morning coma.

In school we have fun. We have to study a lot, bun in the pauses (and, honestly, in the classes too) we always have a laugh. My class is really cool, I'm really happy I was so lucky I ended up there, I actually don't know many people from outside my class yet, but I got my friends :) we go to eat breakfast at 9:30 (oh god why WHY can't I cook mexican??) and finish school at 1:10, take another bus, I take a spin at the centre to say bye to my friends and go home.

I go home, eat, my parents go to sleep at around three. My brother comes at home at around four, so if I don't go out, I hang out with him. (Except now his wife if really jealous of the time we spend together, so now I can't, so I go out everyday somewhere.) When I do go out with my friends, we meet at the centre, go watch a movie, in the weekdays we meet up somewhere and do homework (ie my house is a good place since it's near the centre and there's so much room in the area of the restaurant.. plus my mom likes it more when I'm at home than outside running with people she doesn't know etc etc). If I go out alone, I go hit the gym (spinning!!!!! my new love) or an Internet point (like right now). In the evenings I hang out at my mother's restaurant, some pretty cool people work there and there's always someone to talk to. So... it's nice. :)

There are things I'm still getting used to, and days when I still feel supertired and dead, but I'm pushing every negative feeling away... sometimes I get scared when I can't (I'm an optimist deep deep in my heart) but so far I haven't faced anything that would've hurt me. I admit that the issues I have with my brother's wife are a bit bigger than an exchange student should face, but soon she'll be gone, so whatever, I'll survive. Don't you worry about me, I speak Spanish like a native (lol no that's a joke... but still pretty good!) and am learning the native language of Juchitàn called Zapoteco and I've met some pretty amazing people. Getting used to not being able to go out or stay out for as long isn't as hard as I thought. I've made a few mistakes, but everything is ok. My family is really amazing and life is becoming... life. (I admit that suddenly facing everything without anybody or anything you knew before isn't easy, but I'm hanging on to the good things.) So.. I promise when I fix the problem that I'll have more pictures here!!!! There are so many moments I love, I can't let them go..

cheers and kisses you guys, hope you're doing good!
Minea xx