i'm finding it hard to believe I'M IN HEAVEN

So now that it's Sunday and my family's asleep I can tell more about what's been going on here:)

I arrived to the México City airport at 6pm local time with five other girls, but because of the time difference it ws actually 2am, and we'd left home earlier at around 7am so we were all pretty dead! The Mexican AFS took us to a hotel in the centre where we met other exchange students (I wish I could put pictures here!!!..) from Belgium, Thailand, Germany, Italy, Norway, Japan.. nevermind the lack of sleep, we were up for pretty long just chilling with everybody. At that point I was too excited to believe I was actually in México, I acted lice a loco, but it was fun!

The next day the students left in groups to their cities, to Querétaro, Mexico, Veracruz, Tuxla, Tapachula, Lagunas, Oaxaca... ...and of course my bus to Juchitán was the absolute last! Our bus and the other bus to Ixtepec left at 9:30 in the evening. Which could've been fun and exciting but... WE WEREN'T ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE HOTEL. So imagine, you are in gorgeus gorgeus Mexico, about to start the adventure of your life, but you have to sit around in a hotell all day watching everybody else leave to their destinations... oh boy oh boy ! At the end there was me, two guys and one girl from Thailand, to Germans, one Italian and one Belgian. So.. we played UNO and hangman and.. well it was pretty boring, but atleast you got to know something about the other cultures... I guess:D no but for me it was fun, I got to know the Belgian boy pretty well, he lives 20min by car from my house. But more of that later:D ANYWAY I went with the bus with one thai boy... gosh no common language... awkwad:D but I survived!

I got to Juchitan and I spent the first days getting to know the family and asking them to shw me around a bit. It was cool, but they were pretty rough. I got pretty homesick and the culture shock I was waved into was pretty big. My family's lovely though, I have two parents who both own a restaurant, meaning they work late until the evening and sleep in the afternoons, and a brother who's supersuper cool and chill, and his ex girlfriend and their baby, aw he's the cutest thing ever!! But as days went by (today it's exactly one week in the family), it got better, now I don't feel that homesick. It comes once in a while but luckily it goes away wuickly and I can enjoy my time here :)

It's been a confusing, lovely, dangerous, wonderful, lifefull week of experiences! My brother Fernando took me to Oaxaca wich is the state capital (I know... Oaxaca, Oaxca) about 5hrs with the bus. Lovely!!! He's taken me around the centre and meet his friends and my mom's shown me the market squares and shops. Luckily this is a pretty small town so I can walk around by myself too, I know how to get to the centre and can get around by myself too. I also went to the Belgian boy's family's party, I loved it, I was forced to dance salsa though I have no skills whatsoever :DDDD but it was fun ! Yesterday I went to see a movie with him and his two host brothers (hihihi) and after that we went to a bar for a while, and then got out with Fernando and his friends. I've been having so much fun and basically everything's an emotional rollercoaster, I can cry about how much I miss home and 10 minutes later I can't wait to experience more. Tomorrow I go to school so I'll meet new people and new friendships and yayyy I'm so excited !! :) also in a couple of minutes I'll be goin to the centre with Fernando :))) ayayayayyy life here is good. I've already experienced so much and been so happy, and it's only been one week!!!! Can't wait for more days like this :)

I hope everything's ok with you guys too ! talk to you later :)

Minea xox


here i am!!

..or actually have been for a while already :P I lovein Juchitan, its a pretty small city in Oaxaca, in the South of Mexico, and my family is really amazing! At home theres my brother and his girlfriend and child and my parents and outside two more brothers and a sister. I start school on Monday, I wish it was earlier since theres not much to do in the afternoons, my parents are sleeping now cause they work all night long and my brothers working, but anyways, things are really really good here !! :)

Just a quick post to say Im alive and here and loving it!

Minea x