here i am!!

..or actually have been for a while already :P I lovein Juchitan, its a pretty small city in Oaxaca, in the South of Mexico, and my family is really amazing! At home theres my brother and his girlfriend and child and my parents and outside two more brothers and a sister. I start school on Monday, I wish it was earlier since theres not much to do in the afternoons, my parents are sleeping now cause they work all night long and my brothers working, but anyways, things are really really good here !! :)

Just a quick post to say Im alive and here and loving it!

Minea x


  1. Yaaay, ihanaa kuulla että kaikki on menny hyvin ja siel on ihanaa ^^ terveisin sirja joka odottaa innolla lisää kuulumisia ♥

  2. Hihii mäkin olin juuri tulossa kommentoimaan kunnes huomasin Sirjan laittaneen juuri samat asiat mitä itse olin kirjoittamassa :) Mutta kuitenkin suuret halaukset Minea <3 <3