* Mexicans eat a lot. I didn't expect I'd be wrong but I was :D the thing is, the food may be greasy, but it's also filled of all the important nutriants, and the portion sizes aren't that big. I only eat three times a day but it's enough, I don't feel hungry at all. I eat breakfast at the school (which is kind of like a mini-lunch.. no cereal or bread, more like two tacos or a sandwich), lunch at home and dinner at my parent's restaurant.

* If I go on exchange, I will gain weight. Not this makes me happy - I've lost 5 kg so far :)))

* Mi casa es tu casa. This, actually, atleast in Juchitàn, is only true for family members. For example my friends aren't allowed at my house (just in the area of the restaurant), but for a relative the doors are always opened. When I was in Veracruz I lived in my brother's wife's mother's house, so a relative that's here a close one, and in Finland a very far one :D..

* There's a lot of partying everywhere all the time. Partially true - there are people who are always out and about, but my friends and classmates are all pretty "good people" (you know what I mean), with no alcohol or drugs, which I like. Getting drunk here while being out with friends would be a huge huge risk, I'm happy like this.

* It's hot. This is true in the afternoons. Mornings and evenings are pretty cold (and DARK)

These are just some things that came to my head. I thought It'd be better to write about stuff like this - right now my life here is a bit disordenated, but I'll get everything straightened out no worries, and then I'll tell more about what's going on here, pretty much in the other side of the world to me..


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