Happened some time ago: a man was caught from taking pictures&video stream of what's in between his 8-year-old step daughter's legs. All he got charged for was "violating privacy laws" or something because the Finnish court decided that his little photo shoot didn't hurt the child's growth, since she wasn't awake during it.

Well, excuse me, but THE FUCK'S WRONG WITH OUR SOCIETY????????

The girl was 8 years old. Of course she'll know eventually (probably does already - her step father went to court and it was pretty much all over the newspapers. She'd have to be blind or live in a carton box in the middle of nowhere to not know about it.) And OF COURSE it leaves a scratch in her growth. Her relationship with men. Authoroty figures. The image of a marriage, or a stable relationship. And it goes on.

I hate this in Finland. The laws are so sick and twisted. How can they let the man get away with this?????? It's like saying "it's perfectly alright to photograph your step daughter's private parts 'CAUSE WE WON'T FUCKING CHARGE YOU WITH ANYTHING. So please, go ahead, you'll pretty much get away with it."

No one should get away with having touched (or in this case, documented to the endless word of gigabytes and techonological information) somebody without their permisson. Harming them. Shaming them. That's sick.


Everybody has the right to remain untouched. ESPECIALLY children.

It's the same thing with rapists. If a woman gets raped, there's suddenly a whole lot of excuses. "She provoced me." "She first said yes, it wasn't my fault." "She was dressed like a slut, what was I supposed to think?"

You were supposed to believe no means no. Always. Why do we have to teach our women how to dress and act instead of teaching our men NOT TO RAPE?

End sexual crimes. Or atleast, for the love of God, make the consequenses as severe as the crime actually is.

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